Germany - Ukraine

Reclaim the Crafts

"Reclaim the Crafts" is a German-Ukrainian project initiated by NGOs from Berlin and Ukraine.

The Mission of this project is to start a creative dialogue between generations and cultures, that will lead to developing hybrid-crafts and reclaiming common spaces, through mixing traditional crafts and street art as well as other "public space" art forms
26 participants

including facilitators and volunteers
2 countries

Ukraine and Germany
5 cities

Berlin, Dobropillie, Novohrodivka, Pokrovsk, Slavyansk
2 years long project

2 weeks for meetups in Berlin and in Eastern Ukraine
Reclaim the Crafts project consists of 2 parts: first happened in Berlin in September, 2018, second - in Ukraine, March-April, 2019.

The idea of "Reclaim the Crafts" was born in 2017 after "Reclaim the City" youth German-Ukrainian exchange on participative citizenship and urban activism.
All activities and methods of "Reclaim the City" we collected here (very welcome to share)

We collected participants stories, poetry, pictures of the activities and put them
day by day in "Berlin" part. "Ukraine" is waiting for next year <3
Project organizer is Trial&Error e. V. Partners: Artistania, Move, Creators of History.

Project supported by EVZ Stiftung, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Auswärtiges Amt, Meet up: Deutsch-Ukrainische Jugendbegegnungen

Portraits collection of reclaimers by Carriens Khramtsova

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